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About us

The Team

It all started with a simple idea: offering a single point of contact for all administrative steps, relocation procedures, events and any other organisational support in Belgium for private individuals as well as companies.

Finally after 5 years, allowing the concept to come to life, Do It 4 Me first saw the light in 2009. Do It 4 Me is a service based agency there to assist individuals, families and companies whether arriving, leaving or simply living in Belgium.

With 10 years of experience in administrative support and expatriate relocation services in multinational organisations, Leilt Abebe, Owner and Manager at Do It 4 Me has put together an enthusiastic team of experienced people who will help you every step of the way.

Whether arriving or leaving Belgium, Do It 4 Me specialises in expatriate support providing more than just a relocation agency.

Not only do we search for a place to live which will fit your criteria, visit them and accompany you in finding a new home, we help you settling down, whether it is by doing your registration to the local commune or helping you find the best school for your kids!

Do It 4 Me also has a strong experience of event management, catering for companies as well as for private needs. Just tell us your concept, leave it to us and we will prepare an even made to measure, however big or small, we will make sure you have an event to remember!

Do It 4 Me offers a wide range of other services, providing you with all administrative support, wedding planning, finding activities for your kids or motivational training for you and your team, as well as providing an excellent conciergerie service when needed.

Proud of the professional and personalised services that we offer, Do It 4 Me will find the best solution to fit your needs, while combining excellent service with cost efficiency.

Do It 4 Me is there to assist you every step of the way, in your everyday life, at home or at work and for all your specials moments!


Life time service provider

"After having completed my studies in US and short but valuable working experience in Dallas -Texas, I have been oriented toward services with consulting organisations, communications, processing, events organization and many other services.
I always worked for international firms with a high level of expectations and commitments.
I began as a Personal Assistant in a Business Center where I was dealing with more than 40 demanding clients. The variety of responsibilities led to the diversity of my work.
My last job as an Employee was in an International law firm specialized in Competition law that is part of Magic Circle. Mainly, I was in charge of the relocation of newcomers, event management, and assistant to the administration/accounting manager as well as IT support. Then, I became Facility Manager for six law firms located in the same building; known as the Best Friend's firms. I had then the challenge to manage a team of 4 people.
The position required to be proactive, competent in people management, problem-solving, tactful and work with an efficient approach towards the best support possible to the Partners. Another aspect of my work was to organise and take care of the coordination and logistic of events.
All these life and working experiences in hand led me to the decision that it was time to open my own company. At a "right place in the right time, in November 2009, Do It 4 Me sprl was in place and opened its offices on the Square de Meeûs near the EU Parliament. I had the enormous privilege and trust from the Best Friends firms to keep working for them as an external support for their Relocation, Corporate Conciergerie and Event Organisation.
The name of the company come naturally as Do It 4 Me sprl since this was often what people use to say to me, "Leilt, could you do this for me?". Today, in 2013 there are three full time employees and two free-lance advisors working for Do It 4 Me.

It is, at all times, pure pleasure to help people, solve problems and brings the best solution possible to all my clients. I enjoy working with and for people, to make their life easier. Since its creation, Do It 4 Me sprl keeps being the "red tread" for its clients who keep coming back at different moments of their life, as well as for expatriate from EU and International newcomers from their first day in Belgium. Our support allows them to concentrate on their core business while we provide them with all the services and facilities they may need, in the way that suits them, whenever, wherever it's needed.

Do It 4 Me and it's team will continue to "dress for success" and always make sure to improve and remain at the forefront of quality Relocation and services to clients.

Leilt - Owner and Manager at Do It 4 Me


I am originally from Spain, and studied English Linguistics and Literature at Universitat de Valencia and Queen's Mary University of London and also completed internships in Missouri, Montana and Leuven. I love everything related to culture, arts and human behavior. I have been always linked with voluntary service at national and international level. Since September, I have been working as a personal assistant to a woman who has a very demanding profession in an international environment based in Brussels. This private conciergerie experience has helped me to be decisive and self-demanding. I started working at Do It 4 Me in 2013 and I am assistant to clients, work for the marketing and development of the company. This has been the best place to get in-depth skills on managing different situations, dealing with new demanding requests and acquiring experiences in working with people on a daily basis.

Carmen - Client and Marketing Assistant