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Arriving in Brussels

Do It 4 Me is here to support you in your search for a new home. We centralise your needs, organise your visits based on your wishes and work within your budget. We will do your running around to save your precious time. We work with professional agencies to provide the best, individual, personalised service you could wish for.

We are there for you from start to finish, from the first house visit, to finding moving companies, adequate home insurance, experts for the inventory, everything to help you settle happily into your new home.

Moreover we will help you settle in by organizing your registration with the relevant Belgian commune and any other Belgian administrative procedures you and/or your family members may need (insurances, car registrations, documents, getting license...

Utilities & Furnishing

By using its key contacts and arrangements with Belgian providers, Do It 4 Me will ensure on your behalf that all your connections to essential utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, telephone, television and internet, are organised in the most effective way, providing you with a hassle-free installation. We also offer the possibility of furnishing your new house, if it is needed, taking into account your criteria and your budget.

4 You +

"4 YOU +" is a Service Package in which we take charge of your relocation and installation in Brussels according to your necessities and possibilities.

We will propose you a list of properties according to your criteria, budget and needs. This pack also includes organizing visits to those properties which have been selected (up to 15 properties). Properties will be detailed described by an expert. And of course we will do a personalised monitoring before/after signing the contract, such as signing the lease agreement, the legal and bank issues, right and duties of tenants in Belgium and supporting you to find the best home insurance.

Before you are settled in your new property, Do it 4 Me will activate the utilities such as water, gas, electricity, telephone, internet-TV.

Leaving Belgium

Upon your departure from Belgium, Do It 4 Me will arrange a smooth moving out process, deal with many agencies to sell or rent out your property, close any accounts with utility providers as well as financial institutions.

Do It 4 Me will also manage your rented property on your behalf using selected accredited agencies, therefore saving your time to concentrate on the move to your next destination!