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Corporate Summer Party

Philippe Chappatte. Head of Slaughter & May's competition group. And president of the European Competition Lawyers' Forum, July 2013

Leilt and her team provide an excellent service which combines quality with style and warmth.

Corporate Summer Party

Massimo Merola (Bonelli Erede Pappalardo) On behalf of the other “Best Friends” firms, Brendin Prat, De braw Blackstore Westbroek, Hengeler Mueller, Slaughter and May, Uría Menéndez), July 2013

Do It 4 Me offers a very professional service resulting in the very best results.

We have had the pleasure of working with Do It 4 Me sprl, who organised our summer reception on several occasions.

Our experience with Do It 4 Me has been excellent in every aspect: from the planning of the event to the organisation of the space, the catering service, musicians, staff team, photographer, florists and the follow up.

Thanks to their contacts and specialised service as well as their commitment, our annual summer party has become a much awaited event for our partners, not only in Brussels but also around Europe.

For every event that Do It 4 Me has organized for us, we have received extremely positive feedback from our clients.

Their professionalism, commitment and positive attitude make a valuable partner. Their staff understands our needs and are a pleasure to work with.

Do It 4 Me will continue to be our go-to company for our future events and we have no hesitations in recommending their excellent service.

Relocation and Administrative support

Ignasi G. International services & advice, Culture, Arts, & Creative Industries, 29 September 2012

It is difficult to express how important to me the contribution provided by Leilt has been, and what a luxury it is to be the object of her company's services to expats.
DoIt4Me says it all as a name for a company.

Leilt manages a network which puts together the best possible knowledge of each and every issue an ex-pat moving to Brussels may need: from finding the house to getting the residence or the car permits; from the most convenient phone contract to the medical insurance.

And this list could be much longer.
With all due respect, working with Leilt and her team is like having one of those private butlers one sees in film taking care of the needs of extremely wealthy people. The difference is: you get that quality of services not only with a constant smile, but also at a more than affordable price. A price that is worth if you assume the hours you saved and the silly tensions of daily life somebody else has been solving for you.
So yes, this is a real recommendation for any one, company or individual, with relocation needs in Brussels.

Conciergerie and administrative support

Jillian v. T., Senator at the Irish Senate, 16 december 2011

I met Leilt when I decided to rent an apartment in Brussels to support me when I was a member of the EESC. She understood my needs perfectly - given that I would spend most of my time in Dublin but needed a base that was comfortable and affordable in Brussels. Nothing was ever too much trouble. She was always friendly and fair.

Relocation support

Lamia J. , Operations Manager at Louis Vuitton, 6 february 2011

It was a pleasure to work with DoIt4Me and especially Leilt Abebe. She was immediately aware of the type of house we were looking for. Leilt was very professional, responsive, friendly and reliable. She was excellent in helping us negotiate the deal and ensuring that the entire transaction was carried out fast and efficiently, right through to the signing of the contract with the landlord.
Furthermore, once moving into the house, she continued to be of great assistance: from finding a babysitter, to registering to Ixelles' City Hall or opening contracts for utilities....
She helped us settle into the house very well and we appreciate immensely all her time and help.
Doit4me is a great relocation services company and we truly appreciate their professionalism and support.

Event organisation and seminar

Mathieu M., Senior Consultant at Deloitte Belgium

It's been a real pleasure to work with such an efficient professional in the event organization field. Delays and budgets respected for two different events which pleased more than expected the participants. I strongly advise her hiring for the organization of professional events.

Relocation and conciergerie service :

Maite M. Vice-President of the Party of the European Left, 23 March 2012

I arrived to Brussels in September (2011) I had so many things to do, I had to start from zero at my workplace, and furthermore, I had to look for an apartment. I searched for apartments everywhere but I felt that I was wasting my time and my money (during my search I was living in a hotel). One day I came across with the telephone of Do It 4 Me. I contacted them and within 24 hours I found a property. In some hours, Leilt and I visited several apartments, and as I said, in less than 24 hours I found the apartment which fulfilled my needs.
From that moment on, every time I have had any logistic problem, I needed administrative or advice support or I was looking for a handyman or a doctor, Do It 4 Me has given me a solution in less than 24 hours! I also had experience with their "conciergerie service". It was really efficient.
I would like to highlight their professionalism and confidence, but above all, their human touch. It is warm and excellent!
Since I knew Do It 4 Me I reached two conclusions: the first one is that with Do It 4 Me you earn time and save money. And the second one is that the existence of this professional service agency improves my daily life.
For those who have no time to do everything, the service offered by Do It 4 Me makes everything easier.